Slovak Paradise National Park
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Slovak Paradise National Park

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The wooden ladders in the Veľký Sokol gorge are in poor technical condition, crossing the gorge is difficult. The system of wooden ladders in the valley of Biele Potok from the mouth of Kyseľa to Klauzy is also in bad technical condition - green TZCH.
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Slovak Paradise National Park

Hiking map

Search for information about tourist places and trails on the interactive map of the Slovak Paradise, which you can use to easily plan your next trip to the Slovak Paradise.
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Slovak Paradise National Park

Location and basic information

Slovak Paradise National Park is one of the nine national parks of the Slovak Republic. It is located in the eastern part of Slovakia and is considered one of its most beautiful natural areas.
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Slovak Paradise National Park

Flora and fauna

Slovak paradise is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Nevertheless, we can find places where nature is undisturbed, which provides a home for many rare and endangered species of animals and plants.
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