Location and basic information

Slovak Paradise National Park is one of the nine national parks of the Slovak Republic. It is located in the eastern part of Slovakia and is considered one of its most beautiful natural areas. The peculiar territory, extremely rich in natural values and beauty, with a complex of coniferous and deciduous forests, is located on an originally continuous, erosion-furrowed plateau.

In 1964, it was declared a protected landscape area, and in 1988 it was recategorized as a national park by order of the Slovak government. Its territory offers over 300 kilometers of marked hiking trails. It is visited by tourists throughout the year, with approximately one million tourists, sometimes over a million, visiting the Slovak Paradise annually.

The Slovak paradise offers many tourist experiences in the form of gorges, waterfalls, viewpoints and interesting places. These places are made accessible to tourists in the form of footpaths and, in more difficult parts, also with technical aids, such as stepladders or various ladder sets.

Veľký Sokol
Suchá Belá (photo Peter Polák)

The highest point of the national park is Predná hola (1545 m above sea level). The most famous gorges are Suchá Belá, Piecky, Sokol and Kyseľ with numerous waterfalls. The remnants of the originally flat relief are the plateaus of Glac, Geravy, Pelc and Skala.

Suchá Belá (photo Miroslav Sluk)
Ferrata Kyseľ (photo NPSR)