Fauna of the Slovak Paradise

The Slovak Paradise is a popular tourist attraction visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Despite this, we can find places where nature is undisturbed, which provides a home for many rare and endangered animal species.

The fauna of invertebrates is very numerous in species, many of them are biologically, aesthetically and economically significant. One of the rare species is also the vrzúnik mramorovaný.

Vrzúnik mramorový
Vrzúnik mramorový (photo Ladislav Tábi)

There are more than 2,000 species of butterflies in the territory of the national park. Among the rarest are the jasoň červenooký and the modráčik krvavcový. Even common species, for example the babôčka zubatokrídla, have their aesthetic value.

Jasoň červenooký
Jasoň červenooký (photo Peter Olekšák)
Babôčka zubatokrídla
Babôčka zubatokrídla (photo Jana Mišovcová)

Several species of fish can be found in the waters of the Hornád and Hnilec rivers and their tributaries. Pstruh dúhový and lipeň tymiánový are among the most numerous.

Pstruh potočný
Pstruh potočný (photo Peter Olekšák)

Wetlands, seeps and periodic puddles provide suitable animal conditions for amphibians.

The considerable diversity of nature creates suitable conditions for reptiles as well. Our only poisonous reptile is the vretenica severná, which seeks dry, sunny places.

Vretenica severná
Vretenica severná (photo Matt Wilson)

The Slovak paradise provides nesting opportunities for many species of birds. Among the predatory birds, it is, for example, the orol skalný, the myšiak hôrny, or the jastrab krahulec. Sokol sťahovavý typically nests in glass cavities.

Orol skalný
Orol skalný (photo Peter Olekšák)
Jastrab krahulec
Jastrab krahulec (photo Peter Olekšák)
Myšiak hôrny
Myšiak hôrny (photo Peter Olekšák)
Sokol sťahovavý
Sokol sťahovavý (photo Hozzaphoto)

Species of the forest community include the kuvičok vrabčí, our smallest owl. The once common species of hlucháň hôrny is now on the verge of extinction. Several factors contribute to its decline, but among the most significant is the dramatic decrease in suitable habitats.

Kuvičok vrabčí
Kuvičok vrabčí (photo Hozzaphoto)
Hlucháň hôrny
Hlucháň hôrny (photo David Palmer)
Kuvičok vrabčí
Kuvičok vrabčí (photo Hozzaphoto)
Hlucháň hôrny
Hlucháň hôrny (photo Hozzaphoto)

In Slovak Paradise, you can meet jeleň lesný, srnec lesný or diviak lesný. The non-native kamzík vrchovský alpský also thrives here, which mainly inhabits rock habitats.

Jeleň lesný
Jeleň lesný (photo Hozzaphoto)
Diviak lesný
Diviak lesný (photo Hozzaphoto)
Jeleň lesný
Jeleň lesný (photo Hozzaphoto)
Kamzík vrchovský
Kamzík vrchovský (photo Peter Olekšák)

18 species of bats winter in the numerous caves of the Slovak Paradise.

The wilderness of the Slovak Paradise also provides a home for large animals such as the medveď hnedý, vlk dravý, rys ostrovid and líška hrdzavá.

Medveď hnedý
Medveď hnedý (photo Hozzaphoto)
Rys ostrovid
Rys ostrovid (photo Ľubomír Novak)
Vlk dravý
Vlk dravý (photo Tomáš Flajs)
Líška hrdzavá
Líška hrdzavá (photo Hozzaphoto)