Suchá Belá



Suchá Belá is the most visited gorge in the Slovak Paradise and is considered one of the most romantic gorges in the national park. It is one of the most easily accessible gorges in the national park, as its beginning is located right in the tourist center of Podlesok. In this tourist center there are several buffets and restaurants that you can visit after returning from Sucha Bela. There is also one of the five external defibrillators that you can use in an emergency. It is located at the entrance to the local reception.


If you want to get here by car, you can use two paid parking lots in Podlesok, where the prices are as follows:

  • passenger car: €3.00 / whole day (€1.50 after 2:00 p.m.)
  • motorcycle: €2.50 / whole day
  • minibus/caravan: €5.00 / whole day
  • bus: €8.00 / whole day

Crossing the gorge

A green tourist sign leads through the gorge and it is only passable in one direction – against the flow of the stream (like all gorges in the Slovak Paradise). When entering the gorge, it is also necessary to pay an entrance fee of €1.50 (see visitor's fee). After paying, 2 hours of adventure await you. The gorge is 3.7 km long, with an elevation gain of approximately 420 m waiting for you. During the tourist season (summer holidays), we recommend going on the hike in the early morning hours to avoid the crowds, especially at the Misove waterfalls. In addition to the Misove waterfalls, you can also find the beautiful Okienkový, Korytový and Bočný waterfalls here. These waterfalls can be climbed with the help of a system of ladders and risers, climbing them is a great experience.

Suchá Belá is accessible throughout the year. In the winter months, the ladders can be covered in ice, so we recommend bringing your crampons with you.

After crossing Sucha Bela, you can rest on its top and gain strength in the gazebo. You have several alternatives to go back. The first of them is the path from the intersection "Vrch Sucha Bela" following the yellow sign until you reach the intersection "Pod Vtáčim hrbom". From this point you continue to Podlesok following the red sign. This journey should take no more than 90 minutes.

The second alternative is the stop at Kláštorisko, which you also follow the yellow sign to the crossroads "Pod Vtáčim hrbom", from which you continue following the red sign in the direction of Kláštorisko. From Kláštorisko, follow the green sign to the crossroads "Pod Kláštoriskom" and then follow the yellow and later the red sign to Podlesok.

Bicycle rental

If you want to make the trip down more pleasant, you can use the option of renting a bicycle from Cyklo Tour Spiš. You can rent a bike on Vrch Sucha Bela or also on Kláštorisko. The price for the descent to Podlesok is €7.50.

Possible trails

Loop from Podlesok
8,9 km
3:32 h
495 m
Loop from Podlesok via Kláštorisko
12,7 km
4:27 h
620 m


Misové vodopády
Misové vodopády (29,5 m)
Okienkový vodopád
Okienkový vodopád (12,5 m)
Korytový vodopád
Korytový vodopád (8,5 m)
Bočný vodopád (8 m)

Parking and public transport

Zastávka - Podlesok, rázc.
Zastávka - Hrabušice, rázc. Betlanovce
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