The Piecky Gorge is another of the many beautiful gorges of the Slovak Paradise. It belongs among the quieter and calmer gorges. Of course, there are waterfalls, ladders and wooden footbridges, which are a great attraction for tourists.

The nearest starting point is the place Piecky - Píla, which is located less than 5 km from the tourist centre Podlesok. There is also a parking lot and a local cafeteria where you can refresh yourself and rest after returning from the hike.

Piecky Gorge is accessible all year round. Conditions in the gorge can change depending on the season or the weather. We therefore recommend a suitable selection of hiking clothing and equipment (sturdy shoes, spare socks, etc.). In the winter months, the ladders can be covered with ice, so we recommend bringing crampons.

You will also need to pay a visitor's fee when entering the gorge.


For parking you can use the paid parking lot in Piecky - Píla. For more detailed information, please see parking lots and parking fees.

Crossing the gorge

The Piecky gorge is crossed by a yellow hiking trail and is only passable in one direction - upstream of the stream. The gorge is 3.3 km long with a gradient of approximately 300 m and a crossing time of approximately 2 hours.

A 13-metre high ladder awaits you after less than half an hour from the entrance to the gorge. It is the longest iron ladder in the entire Slovak Paradise. With the help of this ladder you will cross the first of the waterfalls - the Veľký waterfall. While crossing the gorge you will come across two more waterfalls - Kaskádový and Terasový waterfall. Both waterfalls are crossed by two more iron ladders.

After crossing the gorge, the shortest route back to Píla is in the direction Piecky, vrch > Glac, Malá poľana > Malá poľana, rázcestie > Palc, rázcestie > Piecky - Píla.

If you want to finish your hike in a different place, you can follow the yellow trail in the direction of Piecky, vrch > Suchá Bela, záver > Pod Vtáčim hrbom, from where you can continue to Podlesok or Kláštorisko.

Bicycle rental

If you want to make your trip back to Podlesok more pleasant, you can rent a bike from Cyklo Tour Spiš. You can rent a bike at the end of Sucha Bela or also at Kláštorisko. The price for the downhill to Podlesok is 7,50 €.


Piecky probably got its name in connection with the rock depressions in the limestone, which were formed by the flow of the stream in this gorge. Their shape is reminiscent of the ovens, which gave rise to the diminutive Piecky.

This gorge has two side inaccessible arms - the Zadné and Predné Piecky. That is why the more apt name for the inaccessible part is nowadays Sredné Piecky (Middle Piecky). The part of Piecky from the Veľký waterfall towards the mouth of the gorge is also called the Biela dolina (White valley).

The first recorded crossing dates back to 1911, when Alexander Marvay and his companions crossed the gorge. The history of this place is also connected with a sadder event, when in 1930 a part of the gorge was destroyed for the construction of a forest road.

The first massive rock step, through which the Veľký waterfall, the dominant feature of the gorge, flows, was passable some time ago thanks to a metal bridge. Today it can be crossed with the help of the longest vertical metal ladder in the Slovak Paradise.

Accessibility of gorge

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Note: risk of falling trees


Veľký vodopád
Veľký vodopád (13 m)
Terasový vodopád
Terasový vodopád (8 m)

Parking and public transport

Zastávka - Hrabušice, píla
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