The Piecky Gorge is another of the many beautiful gorges of the Slovak Paradise. The Píľanka stream flows through the gorge, and it got its name from the milled rocks under the furnace-shaped waterfalls. Gorge Piecky is the most rugged gorge in the Slovak Paradise.


The mouth of the gorge is located in Píla, which is located less than 5 km from the Podlesok tourist resort. Paid public parking is available here (see parking fees). There is also a local buffet where you can have refreshments and relax after the hike.

Crossing the gorge

When entering the gorge, it is necessary to pay an entrance fee of €1.50 (see visitor's fee). The gorge is 3.3 km long, it takes less than two hours to cross, and you have an elevation gain of 300 m. A 13 m high ladder awaits you after less than half an hour from the entrance to the gorge. This is the longest iron ladder in the entire national park. With the help of this ladder, you can reach the first of the waterfalls - Veľký vodopád. While passing through the gorge, you will come across two more waterfalls, the Kaskádový waterfall and the Terasový waterfall.

During the spring months or after heavy rains, the water level can rise significantly, so we recommend wearing sturdy waterproof shoes. The gorge is accessible throughout the year. In the winter months, the ladders can be covered with ice, so we recommend taking your crampons with you.

After crossing the gorge, we recommend the return route in the direction of Piecky – vrch > Glac - Malá poľana > Malá poľana – rázcestie > Palc – rázcestie, from where you will continue following the yellow sign to Pila. If you want to end your hike in a different place, you can follow the yellow sign in the direction of Piecky - vrch > Vrch Sucha Bela > Pod Vtáčim hrbom, from where you can continue to Podlesok or Kláštorisko.

Possible trails

Loop from Píla
10,6 km
3:46 h
496 m
Crossing from Píla to Podlesok
9,4 km
3:31 h
425 m
Crossing from Píla to Podlesok via Kláštorisko
12,6 km
4:11 h
481 m


Veľký vodopád
Veľký vodopád (13 m)
Terasový vodopád
Terasový vodopád (8 m)

Parking and public transport

Zastávka - Hrabušice, píla
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