Great Sokol
(Veľký Sokol)



Veľký Sokol Gorge is considered to be the most exposed and at the same time one of the wildest gorges in the Slovak Paradise. Veľký Sokol is also the longest gorge in this national park. It is located outside the main tourist centers and is therefore one of the less visited gorges in the Slovak Paradise.


Parking at the entrance to Veľký Sokol is not easy. There are only limited parking areas next to the road, which are mostly occupied in the high season. The nearest public parking lot is located in Píla - Piecky, which is subject to a fee (see parking fee). Subsequently, it is about a 20-minute walk from Píla along the green sign to the crossroad Sokol - hóráreň, which is the starting point of Veľký Sokol.

Crossing the gorge

When entering the gorge, it is necessary to pay an entrance fee of €1.50 (see visitor's fee). The gorge is 5.5 km long, it takes about 2 and a half hours to cross, and you will have an elevation gain of around 300 m. Passing through this gorge is a real tourist experience. Massive limestone cliffs, sometimes up to 300 meters high, will surround you. The passage through the gorge is one-way (against the flow of the stream) and is secured by a system of wooden or metal ladders, bridges and steps. The final and at the same time the most beautiful part of the gorge is Roth's gorge. It is named after the tourist who was the first to cross the entire Veľký Sokol.

Veľký Sokol is accessible throughout the year. In the winter months, the ladders and risers can be covered with ice, so we recommend taking your crampons with you.

After successfully crossing Veľký Sokol, the shortest and best alternative to return is the route following the red sign in the direction of Glacká cesta > Glac - bývalá horáreň > Malá poľana – rázcestie > Palc – rázcestník, from where you will continue along the yellow sign to Pila.

Possible trails

Loop from Píla
16,3 km
5:22 h
602 m
Crossing from Píla to Podlesok
16,9 km
5:42 h
599 m
Crossing from Píla to Podlesok via Kláštorisko
20 km
6:22 h
655 m


Malý vodopád
Malý vodopád (8,5 m)
Veľký vodopád
Veľký vodopád (7 m)

Parking and public transport

Zastávka - Hrabušice, píla
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