Zejmarská roklina
(Zejmarská Gorge)


Zejmarská gorge is the shortest gorge in the Slovak Paradise, but it still contains everything that every gorge should have. Although this gorge does not have as many waterfalls compared to other gorges, you will find here the waterfalls of Captain Ján Nálepka, which are definitely worth it.

The starting point of the gorge is the village of Biele Vody, where you can directly park your vehicle without paying a parking fee. From the crossroads Dedinky, hotel you can reach the beginning of the gorge by following the red sign in about 20 minutes.

The Zejmarská Gorge is accessible all year round. Conditions in the gorge can change depending on the season or the weather. We therefore recommend a suitable selection of hiking clothing and equipment (sturdy shoes, spare socks, etc.). In the winter months, the ladders can be covered with ice, so we recommend bringing crampons.

You will also need to pay a visitor's fee when entering the gorge.


For parking you can use the paid parking lot at Dedinky or in the village of Biele Vody.

Crossing the gorge

Zejmarská gorge is a blue hiking trail and is passable only in one direction - upstream of the stream. It is 1 km long with a gradient of 227 m and a crossing time of approximately 45 minutes.

The ascent through the gorge itself is a shorter, easy hike. So definitely consider visiting this gorge if you ever go past Dedinky.

After crossing the gorge, you will reach Geravy, where you can have a drink on tap with a snack at the local buffet. There is also a small zoo with about five pens where you can see wild boars, rams, goats and emus. If you're lucky, you may also spot free-ranging horses.

The trail from the Geravy takes you back to the Dedinky in about 1 hour, following the green trail. You can also relax in the Dedinky, but by the water on one of the beaches, or have lunch in one of the local restaurants.


In the gorge there are waterfalls named after Jan Nálepka, a hero of the battles in Russia during World War II. The waterfalls were named after him because of his proximity to the nearby village of Biele Vody.

Accessibility of gorge

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Note: risk of falling trees


Nálepkové vodopády
Nálepkové vodopády

Parking and public transport

Zastávka - Biele Vody, ZŠ
Biele Vody
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