The most beautiful views in Slovak paradise

9. August 2022

When someone says Slovak paradise, almost every tourist imagines majestic nature, gorges full of beautiful waterfalls, which can be climbed with the help of ladders and risers with accompanying adrenaline.

However, this national park also offers wonderful viewing spots, many of which are easily accessible and which can be handled even by the so-called occasional tourists. In this article, we will try to bring you closer and present a few wonderful prospects, many of which you may have heard of, but others you may not even know.

Sovia skala (Owl Rock)

This lookout point is the most easily accessible lookout point, which can be reached in less than 20 minutes from the tourist center of Čingov, but there are several ways to get to this lookout point. Many tourists and local people consider this view to be the most beautiful, despite the fact that it is not very well known. As mentioned, it is located right in the tourist center of Čingov, where you can come directly by car. From this vantage point there is a wonderful view of the entire resort. It is said that the most beautiful sunsets are at this viewpoint, as the sun sets exactly on the horizon of the High Tatras behind the village of Spišské Tomášovce. Many tourists visit this place also due to the peace and quiet, as this viewpoint is less visited. Therefore, if you have not yet been to this viewpoint, definitely consider a visit to Sovia skala.

Sovia skala

Havrania skala (Raven Rock)

One of the most important viewpoints in the Slovak Paradise is Havrania skala, where as the starting point of your hike you can choose, for example, a beautiful village called Stratená, which has old wooden houses, which also has a wonderful view. Other starting points are the Stratensky Canyon, Dobsinská ice cave or Dedinky. The hike to this lookout is not difficult, but in some places you will overcome a greater elevation, which may be a little difficult for some. In addition to the wonderful views of the Veľké Zajf valley, there are also smaller cave spaces in the vicinity, most of which are publicly accessible to tourists. In the vicinity, there is also the Occasional Spring under the Havraňa Rock, which is one of the most important occasional springs in Slovakia, as the first reports about it come from 1861.

Havrania skala

Tomášovský výhľad (Tomášovský View)

In this article, some of you may be wondering why we didn't start with this viewpoint right away, after all, it is the most famous place in the Slovak Paradise. It is precisely because today this place is already very popular and not every tourist can experience visiting the most visited place in this national park. Tomášovský výhľad is, of course, a very beautiful place, and anyone who hasn't been to "Tomašák" is as if he hasn't even been to Slovak Paradise. This viewpoint offers a wonderful view of the valley of Biely Potok and Prielom Hornádu, but also of Čertová sihoť. Of course, if you visit this viewpoint in good weather, you can also see the panorama of the High Tatras. In addition to the view, "Tomašák" also offers 15 rock climbing routes, which you can read more about at this link. There are several ways to get to this viewpoint, but the most popular route is the route directly from Čingov or from Ďurkovec.

Tomášovský výhľad

Matka Božia

Another view, which is very similar to the Tomášovský view and is worth mentioning, is definitely the Matka Božia. This viewpoint is located in the northeast of the Slovak Paradise, and the hike to it is somewhat more difficult. The closest starting point to Matka Boža is Košiarny briežok, but you can also get here from Novoveská Huta or Ferčekovice. The hike to the Mother of God is also very popular with cyclists who train their endurance, as the way up is difficult even for them. Therefore, be especially careful when climbing this lookout so that you don't unexpectedly run into one at the turn. At the viewpoint itself, you can relax on wooden benches and enjoy the most beautiful sunset in the northeast of the Slovak Paradise. As for the climb to the top, it shouldn't take you more than an hour and a half. When descending from Matka Boža, we definitely recommend visiting Košiarny briežok, where, in addition to pleasant seating and refreshments at Novák's cottage, you will also find a playground and a smaller climbing wall.

Matka Božia

Čertova sihoť

If you are planning a hike to Kláštorisko, or descent to Prielom hornádu via the Čertová sihoť, so be sure to spend a few minutes on this view, which is worth it. Thanks to the wide and beautiful views of the Biely Potok valley, the view from this vantage point is also rightfully included among the most beautiful views in the Slovak Paradise. As already mentioned, the path from this viewpoint continues towards Kláštorisko, from where you can direct your hike to the gorges Veľký Kyseľ or Malý Kyseľ. When descending from Kláštorisko via Čertová sihoť, you will reach the intersection of Prielom Hornádu and Biely potok, from where you can go to Letanovský Mlyn, to Tomášovský výhľad or directly to the tourist center of Čingov.

Čertova sihoť


The Ihrík lookout, which is the peak on the northern ridge of the Slovak Paradise, is definitely worth mentioning. It is located near the Letanovský mlyn, and the view from this place certainly does not detract from the beauty of the other viewpoints. In addition, as with Sovia skala, if you like less visited places without crowds of tourists, you will definitely find your way to Ihrík as well. Ihrík offers very nice views of the canyon and the Letanovský mlyn. There are also rock formations near this lookout that you shouldn't miss. One of them is the so-called Lievik, which is an approximately 25 m deep chimney. The second formation is Dufart - a rock tunnel, or rock passage that crosses the ridge. This tunnel is an important find of channeled ceramics.