Small Kyseľ
(Malý Kyseľ)



Malý Kyseľ was once part of the now accessible via Ferrata Kyseľ, but today it is an independent gorge considered one of the most characteristic gorges in the Slovak Paradise. Despite the fact that this gorge is one of the shorter gorges in the Slovak Paradise, it offers many wooden footbridges, ladders, and steps.

The best and also the closest starting point for this gorge is Podlesok. From there you can reach Kláštorisko, from which you need to go down following the blue sign to the beginning of Malý Kyseľ.

Crossing the gorge

The gorge is 2.2 km long with a crossing time of approximately 1 hour and a 220 m elevation gain. In addition to the beautiful Malý waterfall, there is a Mossy waterfall in it, which belongs to the list of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Slovak Paradise.

After successfully conquering this gorge, you will find yourself at the crossroads "Vrch Sucha Bela", where you can rest and gain more strength. From there, you can go back to Podlesok following the yellow sign to the intersection "Pod Vtáčim hrbom", where you will connect to the red sign, which will take you all the way to Podlesok. The journey from the top of the gorge back to Podlesok takes approximately 1 hour.

Another way to get back is with a stop at the Kláštorisko tourist center, which can be reached from the intersection "Pod Vtáčim hrbóm" by following the red sign.

Bicycle rental

If you want to make the trip down more pleasant, you can use the option of renting a bicycle from Cyklo Tour Spiš. You can rent a bike on Vrch Sucha Bela or also on Kláštorisko. The price for the descent to Podlesok is €7.50.

Possible trails

Crossing from Podlesok to Píla
15,9 km
4:45 h
820 m
Loop from Podlesok
13,4 km
4:05 h
572 m
Crossing from Podlesok to Čingov via Klauzy
22,1 km
6:50 h
1046 m


Machový vodopád
Machový vodopád (8 m)
Malý vodopád
Malý vodopád (7 m)

Parking and public transport

Zastávka - Podlesok, rázc.
Zastávka - Hrabušice, rázc. Betlanovce
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